Ireland Reflections

    So when people say ireland is beautiful they mean it is the prettiest place in the world! Just stunning fairytale stuff going on all over the place.  Mists and horses and crumbling castles all nestled down in thick grass and moss with little rivers bubbling through the valleys.  We hit spring dead on and all the fields were full of little flowers and baby animals!  Mostly we tried to stick to the nature.  To generalize broadly we found the Irish people to be very warm and kind to us but disturbingly casual with the racism and sexism and homophobia…like alabama casual…but with more misogyny. so that was rough.  There wasn’t even any language to talk about it. Like, what’s wrong with rape jokes?   Fact: divorce, and homosexuality have only been legal there for about 15 years… that’s the late 90’s! also the drinking thing is totally cartoonishly real.  We stayed in Galway for a couple of days at the Occupy Galway camp which was a pretty sweet set up with a big tent building and couches and tea making and lots of people in and out.   It seemed to jive with friends’ reports of Occupy in america that there were about three people involved who were pretty serious activists and who did most of the organizing and information gathering while the rest of the people (including us) were there for the shelter, the food, the arguments, and the party.  The last night we were there there was a big partay, where one occupier invited his gangster friends, and their friends, to do “night security”. so everyone got WASTED.  Like roaring, punching, wrestling, pantsing, fire-extinguisher spraying inside the freaking tent right in Nick’s face, drunk.  It was not cool but was pretty facinating.  It was like if teenagers were bigger and could legally drink.  and no cops.  Anyway we also met some super nice folks who gave us rides out of their way and showed us wonderful places and had hearts full of joy.  It was a great place to kick off our trip.  connecting us to the wild beauty of the world and the consistant reality of human insanity/nobility.

Here are some pictures.


1 Response to “Ireland Reflections”

  1. 1 Pat April 29, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    Wonderful pics! Especially the one with you in it Nick…I imagine you will come home to find it framed on your mom’s living room wall. It will be on my rv wall! The writing is beautiful! Brilliant. Felt like I was right there with you. I love you both so much. Thanks for sharing your journey!

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