Hello Everyone! Right now Shawn and I are in Ireland! We just got here early this morning, but we are already having a great time! We flew out from JFK after staying the night with James and David in their beautiful home in Newark! When we got to the airport, they told us the (pretty full) flight to Dublin had been cancelled, but that we could fly to Shannon instead and take a “coach” back to Dublin. Naturally we skipped the coach, walked to the “new town” of Shannon,  got Irish B-fast (poached eggs, brown toast, canadian bacon, creamy sausage and a grilled tomato) at the mall/town center, got rained on,  hitchedhiked to Ennis, and got a cheap hostel so we could sleep all afternoon!! Tomorrow, it’s off to the burren where we will pitch our tent and have a relaxing sleepover! Anyhow, we can’t wait to bust out our instruments and do some street american rock n roll! talk soon!  -Nick

P.S. We havent taken any pictures of Ireland with our digital camera, because we are embarassed our our huge tourist backpacks, so i hope this picture would be kinda close. It’s of Shawn and Betsy at Beech Hill Preserve in Rockport, Maine. It was taken 3 weeks ago when we went to Bremen to visit Betsy and her wonderful family. You all are the best! Also, Big shoutout to my Family for putting us up for a week or so when we were readying for the trip, thanks guys! Also, Uncommon Grounds for being awesome, and megabus for having a $3 bus trip from Burlington to NYC!


1 Response to “€€€€€€€UROLAND”

  1. 1 elindorff April 20, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    That’s very exciting. I miss Ireland so much.
    I was wondering about that picture, and thinking that the body didn’t look like Nick’s at all. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Well I gotta go, these rotating pink squares are messing with me.

    Safe travels, folks.

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