SXSW Hero Time


So we were at SXSW getting signed to record labels and then we found all this money in a Pepsi bag along with a Bing frisbee and some Beer Shampoo.  Don’t worry IRS we gave it all back to the government.  In fact we were just borrowing the Fat Stax for the photo shoot.  Don’t audit us.  Other than that it was pretty uneventful…we saved some teenagers from dying of dubstepitis, got in some fist fights with rappers, confiscated a bunch of sandwiches, bathed in Monster Energy/Beer/Neuro Water/Ecstasy Sweat, stayed awake, learned about the road life in the Vans documentary, got some cop glasses, tacos, apps, schwag, swag, green rag, Nick got hit in the head with a couple beers, John Dieterich made it seem worthwhile, and all the guys from Pennywise are actually not dead. We’d like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to all the VIPs and also the V-VIPS! it was awesome to work with our friends from Austin and our homies from all over! Thanks especially to Pete, Ben, and Evan for takin’ out the trash!

Next up for Super Bonheur: a trip through Europe documenting the adventures of rock sensation Kasabian! The film will be jam packed with celebrity interviews! among them Sugar Ray and Christopher Guest!  Keep your eye out!


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