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SXSW Hero Time


So we were at SXSW getting signed to record labels and then we found all this money in a Pepsi bag along with a Bing frisbee and some Beer Shampoo.  Don’t worry IRS we gave it all back to the government.  In fact we were just borrowing the Fat Stax for the photo shoot.  Don’t audit us.  Other than that it was pretty uneventful…we saved some teenagers from dying of dubstepitis, got in some fist fights with rappers, confiscated a bunch of sandwiches, bathed in Monster Energy/Beer/Neuro Water/Ecstasy Sweat, stayed awake, learned about the road life in the Vans documentary, got some cop glasses, tacos, apps, schwag, swag, green rag, Nick got hit in the head with a couple beers, John Dieterich made it seem worthwhile, and all the guys from Pennywise are actually not dead. We’d like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to all the VIPs and also the V-VIPS! it was awesome to work with our friends from Austin and our homies from all over! Thanks especially to Pete, Ben, and Evan for takin’ out the trash!

Next up for Super Bonheur: a trip through Europe documenting the adventures of rock sensation Kasabian! The film will be jam packed with celebrity interviews! among them Sugar Ray and Christopher Guest!  Keep your eye out!


Check this “digital comp” out!!

   Hello Everyone! I know we haven’t been updating this blowg in awhile, but here’s a golden oppurtunity! Our Tune, “Balls”, has been featured on an (old) York, UK based fanzine, Verbal Rocket‘s newest Comp! Check it out for free at bandcamp,  lots of awesome music on it from around the world! Also, we just played our farewell show friday night at Young Rob’s house, thank you to everyone who went and watched us and all the other great bands, and for Max and Jim and Rob for making it one of the best house shows in a while! Love to Burlington!

  Anyhow, Tuesday we are leaving for a short trip to Austin, Texas for some work during SXSW, more specifically for the Mess With Texas Party! We are carpooling with my old pal Evan Lindorff-Ellery, he runs a record label called Notice Recordings and releases lots of serious listening tapes with great artwork, give his beautiful new website a look. We will keep you updated with any movie or rock stars we see, and take some pictures of “hipster spring break”. (Un?)fortunately, Super Bonheur won’t be playing SXSW this year, because we don’t really want the exposure. Email us yr addresses so we can send postcards from the road! and buy our tape at Burlington Records! Also, check out our buddy Son of Salami’s new joint on Night People!!

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